Our company is great at providing valuable services in many CSI divisions. It includes Mechanical estimating services, Plumbing estimating services, Electrical estimating services, Gutter estimating services, Process piping estimating services, DUCT estimating services, HVAC estimating services, piping estimating services, Mechanical equipment estimating services, and Insulation estimating services, and Instrumentation and controls estimating services, etc.

MEP estimating is great for providing reliable services in almost every sector. We provide estimation services in residential, commercial, and industrial factors. Moreover, from renovating the home or building to remodeling you can get every little detail from our experts.

Our team has done a diverse number of projects for various clients. Our clients include different General Contractors, Owners, Real estate developers, Appraisers, Lenders, Subcontractors, Architects, etc. In addition, we have done many projects for them. It includes warehouses, hostels, schools, homes, and highways & Bridges, etc.

Our experts always use professional software for quantifying the values. Since we do not believe in providing the rough values, therefore, we use the technology to provide the precise values. Most of our software includes plan swift, plan duct, RS means, blue beam, etc.

Yes, we provide full assistance in your work. From preliminary investigation to the final stage, all of your work is assisted by our professionals. Moreover, they will also provide useful suggestions that would make your project more worthy.

Once you send us your project, our experts analyzed it thoroughly. Moreover, if you do not have an idea to start it they will give you a complete solution. Therefore, do not waste money on useless companies to get the best solutions from us.

Our experts are great at providing accurate material takeoffs values. Therefore, they go with professional software for quantifying the values. Moreover, we also quantify the other factors. For instance inflation, import/export tariffs, natural disaster, and shortages in materials.

Yes, we believe in ethical behavior. Therefore, our company will never share your data with anyone. It is highly confidential between you and us. Moreover, you can also inquire about any kind of doubt from our support team. They will guide you with the right suggestion.

The straight answer is yes. Since our aim is to facilitate you in every way. Therefore, if you want any kind of amendments to your project you ask us. Our experts will work according to your requirements.

Privacy Policies

You have to share your name, contact number, and email with us. As you get our services our expert will ask for all of the information from you.

Yes, your information is highly confidential. We do not leak any kind of information to 3rd party.

Since we care about the customer and their personal information. Therefore, we use professional software like Malware scanning and SSL certificate. Moreover, we do not ask you for your credit card, etc.

Payment Policies

Firstly, you should know that every project is different. Therefore, the prices also vary from project to project. So, before issuing you a quote, we will examine your project carefully. Submit your plan in the given format and get the details now.

Yes, we do offer the hour base charges. However, most of the time we try to go with project-wise payments. So, if you want to get the consultation you can ask our support center. They will tell you about the charges by looking at your project planning.

Yes, if you want to customize the package you can consult with us. Our company is open to negotiating with clients. Since our primary goal is to please you. Therefore, we will provide you with useful services.

No, we do not offer any kind of hidden charges. All of the charges are clearly explained to you.

Once your plan is examined and analyzed, they will send you a quote. After receiving the quote you have to pay us directly. Our company offers online payment methods. For instance, you can go with a credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc.

We usually do not charge for small amendments. However, if you want us to change the entire plan, we might charge you. Moreover, the charges will depend on your project and its kind.

Since we want to make you satisfy. Therefore, our team will offer you monthly and project-wise packages. These charges will save your money up to 60%. So, if you want to maintain a long-term relationship, you should go with them.

No, our company does not offer any kind of binding agreement.