How much does plumbing estimate cost?

Plumbing Estimate Cost

Plumbing of homes is not just the installation of pipes but is also called the veins of the home. Plumbing estimating services include calculating the estimated cost of completing a plumbing project. This includes materials, labor, and other related costs. The price will also consider the time required to complete the project.

Installation and repair of pipes at home or in industry is expensive. Labor costs between $50 to $200 per hour changing according to the project’s complexity. It is generally charged between  $1500 to $17500 for a 2000 square feet home. We focus on average working costs and factors that can affect these costs. Let’s continue and learn that plumbing estimate cost and factors on it depend.

Factors Affecting Plumbing Cost

When we discuss plumbing costs, it is not just the process of simply getting an estimate according to project size. The process of plumbing estimate cost involves different kinds of materials; for example, some people use plastic pipes, and others use steel. Same as this complete installation process includes different materials,  labor, and many other things. So, it depends on several factors that are mentioned below.


is the first factor that affects the overall cost of any project. Complex tasks always need more attention, time, and expertise. So, combining these 3 things and sometimes difficult tasks increases the material from an average project because these tasks waste more material than is common. By calculating these points, complexity is the factor that can be considered in Plumbing estimate cost.


Task Average cost according to complexity
Toilet installation $250 — $500
Sink installation $200 — $250
Shower installation $1200 — $5500
Faucet installation $150 — $350
Water heater installation $1100
Gas appliance installation $1800 — $4800
New water main connection and pipe installation $1500 — $2700


These average costs can be changed according to different situations, locations, and circumstances.


The expertise of a plumber also matters in cost estimates. When you hire a professional plumber with certifications from a government-recognized college, he will charge more than the local plumber. But you will see the difference in their work.

Materials and Supplies

When discussing any project cost, material is essential to this estimate. Material affects the complete cost from two sides. Quality of material and quantity of material affect the average cost. Here is the price range for different types of material according to quality.


Pipe Material Cost per Square Foot Quantity Total Cost
Copper pipe $2 — $5 2000 $4,000 — $10,000
Flexible plastic piping $1 — $2 2000 $2,000 — $4,000
Galvanized pipe $1 — $5 2000 $2,000 — $10,000
Hard plastic $0.50 — $1.00 2000 $1,000 — $2,000


These are not the final rates; they can be changed according to the situation and time. So, remember this thing and arrange a budget more than this average. You can get exact location estimates from our professional team through this website services section.


Location is the most calculatable factor in plumbing estimate cost because different cities have different costs. For example, New York City has the highest cost in the USA. Same as all cities have different prices, and some states have unique rules and regulations about construction and the related work that affect the cost.


City Name Cost for 2000 sq ft home
  • New York City
2410 Dollar
  • Bronx
1980 Dollar
  • Brooklyn
1650 Dollar
  • Philadelphia
2060 Dollar
  • Washington
1790 Dollar
  • Atlanta
1620 Dollar
  • Miami
1470 Dollar
  • Fort Lauderdale
1540 Dollar
  • Minneapolis
1810 Dollar
  • Chicago
2100 Dollar


These average costs per city can be changed on ground reality.  Because the changes in international conditions also change the costs of different things. Changes in oil prices impact various industries.

Labor and Permits

When we discuss the cost of a project, labor, and legal permits are two important factors in calculating the average cost. Same as when we need to find plumbing estimate cost, we add labor and special permits cost. Labor costs according to different states and cities are discussed above. But the average cost is 5 to 6 dollars per square foot. Some plumbers charge costs according to working time. They charge 50 to 200 dollars per hour according to their expertise and project complexities.

Emergency Situations

If you need to complete your project in less time than average, you need more labor, which will also impact your budget. Extra labor charges will be added to your project, increasing the overall cost. When you create an emergency situation, the waste sometimes increases, which is another cost-affecting factor.

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Impact of Project Size on Cost.

In the above paragraph, we talk about different cost-affecting factors in plumbing jobs. We will continue that phrase. In this paragraph, we are focusing on a factor, which is project size and its impact on cost. Our discussion lies on how much plumbing estimate cost is needed for a small home, an average home, and a large home.

Small project

The small home size remains between 800 square feet and 1000 square feet. These homes mostly have only specific plumbing work, such as installing water supply systems and kitchen gas connections. The average cost in the USA is calculated at 5 dollars per square foot for labor and the same for material. So, when calculating the cost for a home with an area of 800 sq ft or any other, you have a formula: total area in sq ft*10 = Estimated Cost. According to this, an 800 sq ft home costs 8,000 dollars for complete plumbing work with materials and labor.

Medium Project

The medium home-size project remains between 1000 and 2000 sq ft. We can calculate its average cost with the formula that is explained above. It can cost between 10,000 and 20,000 and vary from this because of any exceptional work or material quality. Different types of plumbers’ works are described above.

Large Project

A commercial project or a home with more than 2,000 sq ft of area has some particular works, and its cost may differ from that of common projects. But if it is a simple home of 2,000 sq ft plus area. Then, you can calculate its plumbing estimate cost with the formula given for a small project. You can purchase materials directly and only get the services of a professional plumber to install them. This technique can save you money.

Additional Cost Considerations

When you empty the sink or shower, you may notice clogged drains as water backs up. For a clogged toilet, the signs are often more immediate. Instead of flushing normally, water backs up in the toilet bowl and may overflow. Clearing a clog usually gets your drains or toilet back to normal with some DIY work or a visit to the plumber. These are the factors that also become part of plumbing work. We will discuss some of them in detail and check their estimated cost.

Characteristics and Inspection

When we talk about cost-affecting factors. Inspection is a factor that affects the cost. It is the process of only reviewing and finding the fault in pipes. When you get services from professionals, they charge money just to see the fault. A plumbing inspection is normally charged between $65 to $4500, and the average national cost is $200. Different parts, such as project size, complexity, material quality, and area calculate this inspection cost. This is a factor that increases the complete cost of your project and disturbs your budget.

Water Damage Repair

If you are connected with the municipal community water lien. Then, your home will have a pipeline connected to the main city line. If any damage occurs and needs to be repaired. Then, remember that water line repair can be an expensive expense. On average, this repair costs about $950. But it changes with different factors and remains between $300 to $1800. This price range includes labor costs, averaging between $70 and $120 per hour. A plumber performs water line repairs, and most municipalities require a professional to perform this repair.

Junk Removal Fees

When our discussion reached the point of junk. Our measurement scale will be changed because junk removal fees are charged by cubic yards instead of square meters. The junk removal rate is approximately $10 per cubic yard. But it also changes with work conditions.

Sometimes, you can charge less than it and other times, you may charge more. Some companies charge by items and almost $15 for one item, while others charge according to junk condition, and their rate is near the cubic yard formula.

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Diy vs Professional Plumbing

When it comes to plumbing work, especially repairing a pipe or any other plumbing project. Many homeowners try to do it themselves, but it takes more time, and if the issue is critical, they face failure and damage to the remaining part of the pipe. Some common home projects can be installed and repaired by anybody, but hiring a professional is the best option when it comes to a difficult task. The pros and cons of both are written below.

By repairing any pipe by yourself, save your money. Homeowners can not handle the complexity of tasks.
If you want to learn plumbing. It is a good technique for you. You need to invest your time in it; it may be an issue if you are busy.
The feeling of pride is unmatched by the success of your project. You can damage yourself with any instrument during your work.


Professional worker pros Professional worker cons
You can save your time and get mental satisfaction from a pro-worker job. It can be costly and impact negatively on your budget.
A professional plumber solves all other minor and hidden issues at one time. It may change some parts just to increase his charges.
Getting services from a professional plumber helps with insurance. If a plumber is not educated, he may not complete work correctly.

We discussed about pros and cons of DIY and professional plumbers. After all of this, we can say that hiring a professional plumber is the best approach for high-risk tasks. But you can solve minor issues such as leaking from a joint or replacing any shower.


After the complete argument, we reached this point that the Plumbing estimate cost for a 2000 square feet house depends on several factors. The two main factors are material quality and the second is labor cost per city. Other factors such as project complexity, project completion deadline, and plumber expertise are also considered in cost estimation.

Hopefully, this article help you to get the estimate of your project. But for getting a professional estimate according to the current rates of your location, contact us today. Our contact number is available on this website. You can also get an estimate by visiting the relative service page on this website.


Plumbing problems are a common part of any home, and different plumbing issues occur daily. But some common problems include pipe leaking, smell, freezing water in pipes, etc.

When we calculate the cost of a project it divides into many parts. The cost of a plumber is broken into the following steps.

  • Plumber per hour charges.
  • Complexity of the projects.
  • Material required to complete it.
  • Quality of the material.
  • Legal permit fees.

The project size and type affect the cost of plumbing work. A small project such as a simple leaking in a joint or a slight change in showers, charges less than a mega project of changing any pipeline.

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